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Frequently Asked Questions

We at have taken a definitive step forward to help you make an informed decision when you decide to opt for a new car. With all the updated information on the latest arrivals and tips, we have tried to make your search for the cars more precise and result-oriented. All our efforts are intended in making your search quick and targeted. Thanks to our free price quote, you will get clear idea about the pricing of any particular car model almost instantly. We have retained a large number of associates who will help you zero in on the most sophisticated and cots-effective car models.

Which are the traits of an ideal car?

Ideal minivan is almost rare. Still, here are some rare traits that you can always check out before opting for a particular car. The car has to be reliable and affordable. Not only that safety, performance, spaciousness, utility and style play major role.

Need I have to bear extra costs for things like anti-rust protection, gloss finish while purchasing a car?

No. All those are inclusive in the manufacturer's warranty.

Can I return a purchased vehicle?

Your sales contract and your prior communication with the dealership will have the last say on this.

Why is loan/lease gap protection so essential?

The gap protection is like an optional coverage incorporated in an existing auto insurance policy. That's why you need it.

What is destination charge?

Destination charge comprises of the cost of shipping the car from the point of manufacture to the dealer.

Can I change my mind at the last minute and return the car?

You can change your mind and deny the delivery.

Do I have to pay more for "Rust Protection" or "Paint Protection"?

Definitely. You need to have those preventive measures for long-term stability.

Which vehicles are suitable tall people?

The convertibles are just right for the tall people.



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